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Call for Proposals 

Hearts and Minds: Revaluing the Past

6 – 8 October 2017

In our fast-paced, forward-facing world, why does the past matter? What value does history have for us? How does a study of the past and the application of historical skills bring value to our community? How can we do it better? What challenges do we face and how can we innovate? The History Trust of South Australia is proud to present the 2017 State History Conference Hearts and Minds: Revaluing the Past.

Registrations for Hearts & Minds: Revaluing the Past will open in July 2017.

Further details and enquiries: 

Allison Russell

Director, History Festival and Community Programs

arussell@history.sa.gov.au 08 8203 9891


Britt Burton

Public Programs Officer

bburton@history.sa.gov.au 08 8203 9808