2021 State History Conference

In its 40th year, The History Trust of South Australiaalong with partners including the State Library of South Australia, the University of Adelaide, and Wakefield Press – is bringing together practitioners, researchers and history enthusiasts to talk, learn and share all about South Australia’s rich and diverse history.

The South Australian State History Conference has traditionally been a place for everyone to come together, share research and latest findings about South Australia’s history. We hope you will join us as we embark on two days of learning, sharing and connecting history.

Our theme: A State of Change

In the past 18 months there has been significant change in all areas of society and life in our COVID-world is challenging. Many of us are grappling to make sense of the change that is affecting the entire world.

History and its lessons help to bring wisdom for today – the lessons we take from history and our pasts can bring people together and offer past perspectives that bring wisdom for today. Learning from history shows that we are not helpless agents in a sea of change. We are not drowning. We want this year’s State History Conference to give us time to stop, look at what has gone before, and find assurance that change is not only normal, it also gives us wisdom for the future.

Conference registration fees (no GST payable)

This year we are offering both in-person and online registration options for individuals and organisations. All registrations include online access to the Conference content for six months.

Friday 27 & Saturday 28 May 2022


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